Having a gift is a blessing.
And your blessing to the world is how you choose to share it.

My name is Krystal Sagona and I am a Soul Truth Activator, helping women to step into their innate spiritual gift and delivering intuitive coaching to help them turn that gift into a successful business that feels right to them.

I have been called to be a guiding light for others who are ready to explore their own spiritual gifts as a stepping stone for creating a business that supports their life, and light.

Drawing on my own gifts, intuition and successful business experience, I want to empower you to stand in your gifts and use them to create a business that brings you joy.

Perhaps you feel there’s more to life, but you don’t know what it is. You’re working for someone else, but it feels like a piece of your puzzle is missing. Maybe you’ve finally finished uni and burst out into the job scene – but it feels empty. Like it’s not your path.

You’re destined for more.

That’s where I come in. As a clairvoyant and clairaudient with more than 30 years’ experience in connecting others with their truth, I’m here to help you find your inner compass.

Along the way, we’ll challenge the things you may have been told about your gift – that it was silly, that it could never support you or allow you to earn an income,

My life’s mission is to gift you with the first steps on the path to enjoying an abundance of abundance.

Because I understand what it’s like to ignore your gift – and the havoc that can play in your life.

Far from the gorgeous life I enjoy now in Melbourne with my wonderful partner, I grew up in traumatic circumstances and for too long believed that I wasn’t gifted – spiritually or otherwise.

It’s a funny thing that I’ve found – many of the highly psychic people I’ve met in my life have also experienced trauma in some way. I believe recovering from your story forces you to push past your fears and boundaries, so that pushing other boundaries, like misconceptions about your gifts, becomes second nature.

In healing, we fall to our knees. We break the boundaries and barriers that hold us back from our true success and power.

Women need to be empowered to turn their story around – and embracing your gift and making a stand as to how you’d like to use it is a beautiful way to do that.

I want to help you stand in your truth, to feel safe using your gift, and to help you grow into the life you want.

I want to show you that there are so many ways you can use your gifts in business. In addition to providing spiritual guidance, I’m also an interior designer. Every home I’ve worked on has been a perfect fit for my clients, where I’ve created a space that reflects their taste to form a nurturing haven for them to return home to each day – because I can channel into their heart and see what they want and need.

One client had created a folder of inspiration images to show me prior to the start of a project. She forgot the folder until the project was completed – when she came to me, shaking, to show me that without having seen her inspiration file, I had included every item on her wishlist into the space.

In that way, I use my gifts, my intuitive knowing, clairvoyance and clairaudience, beyond doing readings or guiding people. And you can too.

Being spiritual is a choice – and how you use your gifts is a choice. Turning your gifts into a business that can support you is a choice.

Let me gift you with the strength and confidence to follow your true path.